Social Security benefits for veterans with permanent disability

Benefits For Veterans With Permanent Disability Benefits for Veterans

Military men and women provide an important role in our society. They put their lives on the line to help people in need and keep the rest of us safe. Sometimes these men and women encounter serious dangers that lead to injuries. When these injuries are extensive, the Veteran’s Association may give the person a 100-percent Permanent and Total disability rating. While this rating has its own effects on the person’s VA benefits, it also has an effect on Social Security disability benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration, when a person has a 100-percent Permanent and Total disability rating, the person is eligible for expedited services from the SSA. This means that when the person applies for Social Security disability benefits, the person will not be subject to the long wait times that other people may have. Instead, a person’s 100-percent Permanent and Total disability rating will allow the person’s application to be marked high priority and it will quickly be decided.

In order to receive this benefit, a person must ensure that they have declared that they have a 100-percent Permanent and Total disability rating. They can do this by noting “Veteran rated 100% P&T” on their application. The exact time that the application will take depends on a variety of factors including the person’s disability and how quickly medical records can be obtained.

However, the SSA says that just noting a 100-percent Permanent and Total disability rating does not automatically qualify a person for SSD benefits. A veteran still needs to meet the SSA’s criteria for a permanent disability. An attorney can help veterans determine if they are eligible for SSD benefits.

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